Mason Lake and the Crying Loon — A little boy lived not far from Mason Lake and he liked to swim.  His mother told him that he must never swim in Mason Lake because it was haunted, but he sometimes did what his mother told him not to do.  One day, he went swimming there.  He saw many trout and caught one.  Hungry, he thought that he would eat the trout.  The little boy did not know that an evil spirit was hidden in the trout.  The boy was changed into a loon.  Frightened, he flew home calling his mother.  With cries of the loon, he tried to tell her what happened to him.  But she did not understand.  He flew back to the lake still crying.  To this day, loons give calls or warnings to boys and girls who do not obey their mothers. .

— Salish Legend, Hammersley Inlet Watershed

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