Media Introduction

All media representatives were required to provide credentials (bottom of page)
by July 15th, 2012.  No exceptions were made.

Due to limited space in the press area at the landing site, we could not promise access to all media.  If approved, a press pass was issued. Thank you for your cooperation.

Press Release July 9 2012

Media Program – The Landing, July 29
Accredited media representatives were welcome to attend the Canoe Landing activities on July 29th next to Swantown Marina in downtown Olympia, provided they had submitted an application and obtained approval of that application from the Tribe.

• Program details were posted by July 16th.
• For security reasons, only approved media representatives were provided access.
• Media was stationed in a defined area on site to ensure access to activities.
• Media  was required to check in with the on-site Media Coordinator.

By signing the application, media representative applicants agreed to abide by all rules, regulations, and laws enacted by the Squaxin Island Tribal Community, including the terms of the Squaxin Island Tribal Canoe Journey Media Application.

Upon registering, media representatives agreed to follow the Tribe’s protocols and respect all directions and instructions of the Tribal Journeys Media Coordinator.

Specific events, dances and songs are sacred. During these specified events, dances and songs, the taking of photos and video was PROHIBITED. Notification about what could and could not be recorded or photographed was offered prior to the event.

Canoe families & other participants were respected by treating participants with courtesy.

The Tribe reserved the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or restrict access to the Squaxin Island Reservation. The breaking and/or ignoring of our laws or rules resulted in escorted removal from the Reservation.

Questions may be directed to:
Debra Meisner, Canoe Journey Coordinator
Paddle to Squaxin 2012

Leslie Johnson, Public Relations Coordinator
Paddle to Squaxin 2012

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