Public Works

The Public Works Team
The 2012 Paddle to Squaxin Canoe Journey Hosting was a “green” event held in the spirit of sustainability carried forth by gwedzadad – the Teachings of our Ancestors.

Volunteers for the Paddle to Squaxin Public Works Team provided grounds and facilities maintenance support as well as work in collaboration with the Green Team on recycling and composting.

Some of the jobs on this team had special requirements. For example, some required a driver’s license, the ability to lift a certain amount of weight or may required protective clothing.

Hours and Location
The Paddle to Squaxin Public Works Team offered volunteer opportunities in 3 to 4-hour shifts beginning Sunday, July 29 through Sunday, August 5th.  There were several jobs to choose from. Materials, supplies and training were provided.  Volunteers checked in at the volunteer site before starting work.

Training Requirements
Cultural sensitivity awareness training was required for all volunteers.  In addition, training was provided as needed for Public Works Volunteers.

Application Process for Public Works Volunteers was through

Submission of current driver’s license or CDL (copies) was required as appropriate.

Patti Puhn
Volunteer Coordinator
10 SE Squaxin Lane
Shelton, WA 98584


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