Natural Resources

Natural Resources started preparing for this journey in the fall of 2011. Our journey started with chopping enough wood to keep outdoor grills burning for 9 days!  NR crew spent weeks out in the woods searching and chopping.

The department planned and implemented a gift project, and delivered 500 mini drums.  This project began in February and was complete the first week of July.

In the week before the journey we wondered, “Is everything ready?”  We spent days moving supplies and equipment around for the First Salmon Ceremony at the Collier House and the Community Kitchen, including putting together the outdoor grills at the kitchen.

On Landing Day we used the outdoor grills for the first time.  It took a little bit of patience, but we figured out a system to cook 4,000 pounds of salmon!  One thing we learned was that by putting the two grills only five feet apart, the guys in the middle, flipping the grates, were really warm, especially on the 90+ degree sunny days!  We plan to revamp and make one long grill.

On Monday, it was chicken night and we almost burnt down the outdoor kitchen!  Oops, we should have checked what was in the marinade!

Overall the quality time we spent together, as well as with the casino staff and chefs brought in from around the country, will live in our memories and made this journey a special time for all of us!

The Department of Natural Resources cooked an estimated:
– 7,000 pounds Salmon
– 7,000 pounds Clams
– 500 pounds Geoduck
– 400 pounds Elk
– 400 pounds Venison!

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