Information Services

The Department of Information Services created and maintained the paddletosquaxin2012 web site (thanks to Theresa Henderson and Bryan Bougher) that included a live stream of protocol with up to 500 viewers at a time (thanks to Morgan Rothrock, TJ Barry and Flamingo Media). Acceptance of online registration and payments required establishing a bank account and a gateway processor (thanks to Theresa Henderson and Bryan Bougher).  Database software, civicrm, required intense training and quick implementation (thanks to JeNene Miller). The civicrm manual is thousands of pages long, and, during a two-day training workshop, JeNene was told other organizations had been planning their initiation of the software for over two years; she pulled it off in a few weeks.  The web site also provided links to accommodations, maps, history, and much more.

Coordinating with Canoe Journey Coordinator Debra Meisner, Department of Community Development staff and planners, Josh Whitener created numerous site maps in all sizes using GIS technology for the web site, and protocol areas, etc.

Director Mitzie Whitener assisted with contracting Flamingo Media and Cedar Media to ensure quality of audio and visual streaming and recording.  Digital screens were set up in the Tribal Center, Community Kitchen and the Elders’ Center for presentation of protocol live stream. She also coordinated and staffed the Healing Center and helped coordinate the traditional foods feast.

Josh Whitener constructed and managed the Behind the Paddle web site, with the assistance from Morgan Rothrock and TJ Barry, to provide up-to-the-minute resources that included meetings, agendas, the status of each project and committee/team, and much more.

An Internet Cafe was provided at the Tribal Center during evening hours.

A collection of photographs is being compiled and will be shared with the tribal community as soon as possible.  In addition, protocol will be made available on according to tribe/day presenting.  Cedar Media is creating a documentary entitled “People of the Water, Paddle to Squaxin 2012” that will be available for purchase, hopefully in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for more details.

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